Tesco 1- Starbucks 0: Why have loyalty cards, but not use the intelligence they provide?

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I┬áhave never, ever consumed a Tall Latte. I certainly have never, ever purchased a Tall Latte from Starbucks, and what’s more, Starbucks know this. They know that I drink, far too many, black Americano coffees.

I have however, purchased Baker’s 3Kg Dog Food. I have, in fact, purchased Baker’s 3Kg Dog Food from Tesco, and they also know it.

Both Starbucks and Tesco have loyalty cards to which I am signed up, which is how they know my buying habits, and both have sent me special offers. Tesco’s, 75p off of Baker’s 3Kg Dog Food, Starbuck’s a quid off of a Tall Latte.(Interestingly the Starbuck’s offer comes via email, Tesco’s by post. It doesn’t matter.)

Starbucks – this is 2014, you are an extremely profitable company and have a big marketing budget. Please spend it on some expertise. Patronising rant over.


2 thoughts on “Tesco 1- Starbucks 0: Why have loyalty cards, but not use the intelligence they provide?

  1. Think about it. Why should Starbucks offer you a discount for a product which you are happy paying full price for? When will you use that mythical discount? That’s right! The next time you buy black Americano coffee which you would have anyways bought at full price. It is in the interest of companies to cross-sell products that the customer is NOT buying…in the hopes that atleast 10% of the people claim the same. Who knows…a person like you might like the latte and end up ordering the same on full price next time. It is actually a smart move by Starbucks.

  2. I take your point, monami, but both retailers are in competitive markets. I haven’t been to Starbucks for around four months now (and they knew that when sending the voucher) but I may well have been enticed into getting back into the habit if the voucher had been relevant. I have been to my local Costa Coffee, made even more attractive as it is part of my local Tescos store where I spent the Bakers voucher.

    So the Starbucks offer has annoyed me due to its irrelevancy, and Tescos have made me feel loved.

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