Complain about Facebook and Google, sure. But first understand how it all works

The current controversy around Facebook’s recent study is the latest in a long line of protection of privacy issues which ignore one of the myths of living in the digital age. That the internet, is completely free. No, it’s not. Facebook is a business, and while you may not obviously part with your hard-earned as you would on Amazon… Read More »

B2B Native advertising – it’s here, use it.

While much of the publishing industry still has a problem with the concept of native advertising, it remains an excellent opportunity for B2B organisations to take advantage and make it part of their content marketing strategy, in order to gain profile and reinforce ‘thought-leader’ status. There’s nothing much new about native advertising, it’s another tag for… Read More »

Regional press – rudderless on a sea of rhetoric

In an interview last week with The Media Briefing, Trinity Mirror’s CEO Simon Fox commented “You will not be successful trying to charge for straightforward news”. I searched, but was unable to find, a follow-up quote from him stating unequivocally that the Pope was indeed a Catholic, although to be fair he did come up with… Read More »

Tesco 1- Starbucks 0: Why have loyalty cards, but not use the intelligence they provide?

I have never, ever consumed a Tall Latte. I certainly have never, ever purchased a Tall Latte from Starbucks, and what’s more, Starbucks know this. They know that I drink, far too many, black Americano coffees. I have however, purchased Baker’s 3Kg Dog Food. I have, in fact, purchased Baker’s 3Kg Dog Food from Tesco, and… Read More »

Businesses need to generate authoratitive online content to establish themselves as experts and reinforce brand and product values

As someone once said, “If you call yourself a ‘thought leader’, you’re probably not”, and you will know if you’ve read my other posts that I have a natural buzzword/phrase gag reflex which results in me immediately reaching for the bucket upon any self-proclaimed mention of ‘thought-leaders’, gurus or innovators. That said, there’s definitely something… Read More »

Hopes for 2014 – including ‘Marketing should not only continue to evolve, but should also start to grow-up’

It’s that time of year when the great, good and stupid of marketing publish articles along the lines of “Best Ways to Succeed with Social Media Marketing in 2014″, “Five Trends Coming Our Way in 2014″ and “The 2014 Ecommerce Marketing Checklist”. Being a mere simple marketing mortal, I can’t compete with their clearly unchallengable knowledge and… Read More »

Ecommerce – Many online retailers are not giving user experience enough consideration when designing their sites

It’s now only two weeks until the 2nd December, the day of the year widely expected to be when the highest number of ecommerce transactions take place across the UK. From the major high street retailers to specialist online stores, ecommerce has become a vital source of revenue, and the trend will only continue one… Read More »